About Thundermark Studios

Thundermark Studios, established in 2018 and Headquartered in Poland, is a unique startup company that provides a global multi-disciplinary consultation and development service, in line with its in-house methodology. Thundermark Studios provide services to many sectors, from small businesses to major government projects.

At first focused entirely on the research and development of patents and technology, Thundermark Studios has added many other facets to our service portfolio. This has allowed Thundermark Studios to provide a wide range of services to businesses over its lifetime from inception and launch, expansion and growth through to completion and continuity.

Thundermark Studios, delivers its services in line with its internally developed three-by-three methodology, with each facet having its own unique approach that complements the whole solution. Click the links below for more information on the Thundermark Studios methodology.

Innovation-Integration-Implementation (I3)

Consultation-Consolidation-Control (C3)

Security-Surveillance-Safety (S3)