Software Developers and Engineers… We Need You!

Want to be a part of a something awesome?

We are currently seeking Developers/Engineers to fulfill various roles, with a preference for multitalented individuals. We are not heavily focused on your Academic Prowess or your employment history with Big Firms. No.

We want your experience, passion and enthusiasm for Software Development.

We are seeking to urgently deploy a team of Developers/Engineers to produce some highly innovative software. Do you, or do you know someone who can fulfill one or more of these roles?

  1. Front-end/Client-Side Developer
  2. Backend/Server-Side Developer
  3. Full-stack Developer
  4. Desktop Developer
  5. Mobile Developer

At the same time, we are seeking expressions of interest from Developers/Engineers to fulfill the following roles, for some side-project developments.

  1. Web Developer
  2. Graphics Developer
  3. Game Developer
  4. Data Scientist
  5. Big Data Developer
  6. DevOps Developer
  7. Embedded Developer

We offer flexible working arrangements, with benefits such as:

  1. Work from home days, with remote collaboration.
  2. Flexibility for those who are studying.
  3. Profit Sharing of Applications you develop with us.

All we ask from you in return, is that:

  1. You have a portfolio of projects/development that you can present and demonstrate,
  2. You are able to work in Mikołów,
  3. You understand Polish and English, and
  4. Are legally allowed to work in Poland.

Jump to our Careers page, and let’s get you started!